At Trek Mount Cameroon, we seek to give you the best touring and hiking experience that you have ever dreamed of. We hike from the bottom till the top of Mount Cameroon. We do this depending on the pace of our client. Our tours our categories based on the their diverse destinations and the amount of time it takes to hike to these destination.


There are tours that aim at reaching Hut 1 or Hut 2 of the Mount Cameroon, and others that are aimed and reaching the top of mount Cameroon. These tours are planed appropriately in order to make sure that our clients are satisfied above their desires.


You could book for are tours by visiting our tour packages page. There, your will find a list of the various tours that we provide, as well as the possibility to book for these tours. Book a tour today with Trek Mount Cameroon and enjoy the realms of Cameroom

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