3 Days Trekking Tour with summit

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Distance  4,040 Metres

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Before Day 1

Arrival at our office, reception and preparation for the tour, transfer to hostel

Day 1

Preparation for the tour, breakfast, taxi to the starting point of the tour. Start at latest 8 AM. Break at Hut 1 (1850 m), after continue to Hut 1B, short break there, and continue to Hut 2 (2850 m).The slope is very steep between Hut 1 B and HUT 2. At HUT 2: Food and Night there, End Day 1 Approximate trekking time: 6 hours ascending

Day 2

Start Hut 2, Breakfast, continue, break at Hut 3, hike up the summit, visit of the summit area, start descending, break at Camp 2, Camp 1, visit of the crater of 1999 eruption, and continue to Mannspring (2440m), food and night at Mannspring, End Day 2: Approximate trekking time: 10 hours (3h ascending, 7 h descending)

Day 3

Breakfast at Mannspring, continue descending, break and refreshment at the resting points, gentle slope descending to Bokwango (850 m), Approximate trekking time: 6 hours, at Bokwango, taxi to our office, evaluation of the tour, END.

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