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1 Day Trekking Tour to Hut 1B/Hut2

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Distance 1850M or Hut 1B or Hut 2
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Arrival at our office, arrangement for the tour, taxi to the starting point. You will climb from Buea (1000 m) to Hut 1 or Hut 1B or Hut 2 depending on your strength and interest. No special preparation is required for this tour. Trek Mount Cameroon will provide tourist with snacks and a bottle of mineral water and a guide to gentle guide you as far up as you can climb and back. You will discover the water fall of the mountain, the mountain rain-forest and the savanna landscape (Hut 1B). This tour can be a preparation for longer trekking tour on Mt. Cameroon. Approximate trekking time: 6-8 hours (Ascending and Descending)

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